--  mainstream and grass roots PR
           --  email and social networks, including tweets
           --  print, audio, video ads

     and Raise Funds

     --  grant writing, capital campaigns
         --  donor campaigns, special events

   Build Your Base

JPCA can help you find and build your base,
       launch a campaign, promote an event,
       connect with the connectors.

James Paul Returns to Client Consultation

For the past two years, James Paul has been Executive Director of the House Foundation, the nonprofit that manages the career and furthers the work of the American performing artist Meredith Monk.

In September, 2015, he returned to private client consultation.  

Client Highlight

  Check out Tangolando, Sofia Tosello's collaboration
with Yuri Juarez and an amazing Afro-Peruvian
Tango ensemble, with accordion.

Video below is a still-photo montage of Sofia singing "Sin Piel"
at the Blue Note Jazz Club, NYC.  From her CD 
Alma y Luna (Sunnyside Records)